• What is FIR?
  • Introduction of Members

What is FIR?

  • Basic FIR Technologies

  • Advanced FIR Technologies

  • Application Fields

1.Heating/drying(Links to the members)

  • ①business use
    • agriculture:drying of paddy, grain, beans, and so on
    • industry:drying of paints, prints, ceramic wares, chemical powders, wood pulp, dyed textiles, and so on
      rubber sulfurization, annealing of resin casts, manufacturing process of printed board, televisions, IT materials, semiconductors and so on
  • ②commercial use
    electric ovens, toasters, electric cooking equipment
    rice cookers with keeping warm
    gas ovens, gas ranges
  • ③far infrared processed foods
    farm products (dried persimmons, teas, coffee roasting,
    rice cracker baking, noodles drying and so on)
    marine products drying (fish clauses, Kombu, lavers and so on)
    livestock products(roasted meat, and baked chickens

2.Air conditioning(Links to the members)

  • ①business use
    air conditioning of a large scale building such as a hospital, a public hall
    heating of large space and open space(factories, gymnasium,
    indoor swimming pool, golf practice ranges)
    house heating for pigs and chickens
  • ②commercial use
    toves, panel heaters
    electric kotatsu, electric carpet, floor heater

3.Beauty/health(Links to the members)

  • hair care products such as hair dryer
    treatment using heaters、hyper thermia
    sauna、spa using stone plates/lava stones

4.Far infrared processed fibers(Links to the members)

  • inner wears(under wears, bellybands, tights and so on),
    night wears, socks, supporters outers, sports wears

5.Sensor/measurement(Links to the members)

  • infrared sensors, thermographs, security equipment,
    remote sensing
    radiation thermometers
    biometrics authentication (fingers, palms and so on)
    infrared communications(remote controllers, data communications)