• What is FIR?
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What is FIR

  • Basic FIR Technologies

  • Advanced FIR Technologies

  • Application Fields

Heating / drying ①business use

Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. Technology Development of far infrared equipment using gas(far infrared painting dryers with deodorizing functions
Katsura Co., Ltd Batch-type/continuation-type painting dryer systems
Kyuhan Corporation. Confectionery/bread far infrared oven(radiation dominant oven)
Daiken Denki Co., Ltd. Heating system using electric heaters
TPR Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd. Drying systems, Heating furnace, Griller
TPR Treading Co., Ltd. Reflow kilns,Oven
Nissei Oval Co., Ltd. Far infrared heating/drying systems using gas
NGK Insulators, Ltd. Far infrared heating /drying systems(continuation type heating kilns for dust less, heating kilns filled with special gases, Roll to Roll type heating kilns)
Noritake Co., Limited Far infrared conveyer kilns,Roll to Roll type far infrared heating kilns
Rinnai Corporation Gas cooking appliance (Griler)using far infrared burners, Far infrared burners for industrial use

Heating / drying ②commercial use

Ohki Technological Creation Co., LTD Development of various products using carbon materials
Chip Jaq Co., Ltd. Far infrared related products using RC heaters using ceramics for insulation material, RW heaters made up of carbon fibers and RS heaters using Teflon for insulation material,
Panasonic Corporation Electric cooking equipment such as oven ranges, rice cookers, toasters and so on
Rinnai Corporation Gas cooking appliance with fish oven using far infrared burners(tabletop cookers, built-hobs)

Heating / drying ③fair infrared processed foods