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What is FIR

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Beauty / health ①Beauty / cure

KATOUSYOUKAI CO;LTD Manufacture and sale of jewelry, such as necklace which gained management medical device certification by improve blood circulation ,and far infrared rays necklace
Kuwayama Co., Ltd far infrared neckklaces
Techno Element co.,ltd. Production and sales of home-use thermal therapy device of the mattress type.
Hyperthermia treatment device by the heater using the carbon planar heating element.
・Potential treatment→Remission of headache, stiff neck, insomnia, chronic constipation.
・Hyperthermia treatment→Remission, such as a body of cold and neuralgia, muscle pain,work promotion and fatigue recovery of gastrointestinal.
Nihon Ensekigaisen Co., Ltd. Warm cure equipment using far infrared rays
Panasonic Corporation Hair care products such as hair dryers, hair irons and so on
Brilliance International Japan Limited Far infrared necklaces

Beauty / health ②sauna

KFT Corporation Franchise headquarters and management of retail stores related to Stone Spa named "Healing of stone"