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What is FIR

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Far infrared processed fibers

Aliven Corporation Under wears, supporters and so on made by fibers including alumina
Ohki Technological Creation Co., LTD Development of products using carbon fibers such as jackets, sleeping bags and so on
KAWADA FEATHER Sales of down and down products
Kuraray Co., Ltd. Polyester fibers including ceramics with high emissivity called “Lonwave®” and their applied products(Under wears, socks, supporters, carpets, blankets and so on )
Gunze Limited Thermal insulation textiles(far infrared processing inner wears and so on)
Shinsei Co., Ltd. Various supporters using far infrared materials
Nishikawa Sangyo Co., Ltd. Comfortable bedding products
Firbest Co., Ltd. Sales of Kodenshi ® fibers including ceramics
Lifetaste We are providing consumers with various goods that can be used with high quality and reliable quality.
We manufacture and sell "Taguchi Supporter" (far infrared certified commodity) which has good reputation as a health supporter.